Drawing each other

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december 8th, 9th and 10th


10 - 18 o'clock, incl. 1 hour lunchbreak

Universität / Haute Ecole
HEAD Genève / work.master
Website www.workmaster.ch
Teacher Ingo Giezendanner
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Content description

This workshop means three days of drawing:

You should wear your favourite clothes and gadgets as we will be modeling for each other. You will try to represent yourself with gesture and style while the others will produce swift drawings of you - no erasing allowed.
Standing in a still position for a while is hard work, therefore we want to draw quick and aim to create vivid portraits - organic and warped. One objective of the workshop is to produce a group-self-portrait assembled of our best drawings.

Ingo Giezendanner (Grrrr) will facilitate the workshop and also play an active role in the group


Up to 15 participants - first registered first served.

No "high" drawing skills but (high) concentration required.

More about Ingo Giezendanner: http://www.grrrr.net

bilingual english / german