Semester Winter 2011/ Hiver 2011

November 2-3-4 (3 days)/  2, 3, 4 novembre (3 jours)

ECTS 3 ECTS (language: English)
Universität / Haute Ecole
Valais School of Art / Ecole cantonale d’art du Valais, ECAV Master program / Programme Master MAPS – Arts in Public Spheres
Website http://www.ecav.ch/maps/
Teacher Mark Luyten
Contact email
for student applications
Maëlle Cornut: maelle.cornut@ecav.ch
Content description

The overture happens before the curtain rises. 

A form or formula as an introduction to something else, something to happen.  

A pro-gramma. 

But also a form on its own. 

Connected and unconnected at the same time.  A supplement in advance.

The overture (from the French ouverture) also means opening.  Not just the introduction/ program of a work but also opening the work, dissecting, stabbing.  Pointing to an inside but revealing a radical outside.

The work/ the overture as supplement and wound.


The workshop introduces some key ideas and artworks/-practices, and continues exploring wounds/ ‘outsides’ in the participants’ art practices.