Critical strategies for art institutions

Semester Spring 2013-2014

Monday 3 March, 10am-12 and 2pm-5pm

Tuesday 4 March, 10am-12 and 2pm-5pm

Wednesday 5 March, 10am-12and 2pm-5pm

Universit├Ąt / Haute Ecole
Geneva University of Art and Design
Teacher Victoria Preston
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Content description

This module investigates various critical strategies that artists and curators have employed in critiquing art institutions.

Part 1: Inside and outside the institution

This session investigates embedded critique versus activist practice.

Part 2: The institution of critique

This session explores the implementation of critical strategies in experimental institutions.

The teaching methods use case studies, visual images, archive material, and documentary films. Participants are encouraged to develop their own interpretation of the subject.