Kleines Symposium: Occupy

Semester HS 2014/15

24.–26.11.2014, 10–17 Uhr

Universität / Haute Ecole
Institut Kunst HGK FHNW
Website www.fhnw.ch/hgk/iku
Teacher Chus Martìnez, Georgia Sagri et alter
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Art, Politics of Occupation, Self-Organized Forms and Forces, Aesthetics and all that could come next

Anthropologist David Graeber wrote: Since the 1970s, as any significant political threat has receded, things have gone back to their normal state: that is, to savage inequalities, with a miserly 1% presiding over a social order marked by increasing social, economic and even technological stagnation.

The Symposium with discuss the occupy movement, the turn art and politics has taken in the recent years, the concerns versus the possibility of organizing one’s selves. Can we just use the inherited political vocabulary of dissent to address the cultural and economic situation of today? What is the role of gender or nature in movements like occupy? How did artist react to it?

The symposium is intended to be an open form to present some current positions and to also let space for the participants to discuss their own take on this very important debate.


Englisch und Deutsch

Institut Kunst HGK, Freilager-Platz 1, 4023 Basel


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14. November 2014