Topic event: Interaction in Sound and Space with Edwin van der Heide

Semester Spring semester / 2nd & 4th semester

29.03.2019 from 10h00 – 16h30
26.04.2019 from 10h00 – 16h30
17.05.2019 from 10h00 – 16h30

Location: Hochschule der Künste Bern, MA CAP, Schwabstrasse 10, 2018 Bern Multifunktionsraum 110


Universität / Haute Ecole
Hochschule der K√ľnste Bern
Teacher Edwin van der Heide
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Content description

Edwin van der Heide is an artist, composer and researcher in the field of sound, space and interaction. He extends musical composition and musical language into spatial, interactive and interdisciplinary directions. His work comprises installations, performances and environments. The audience is placed in the middle of the work and challenged to actively explore, interact and relate themselves to the artwork.

Research Seminar: Interaction in Sound and Space

This research seminar focuses on interrelating Interaction, Sound and Space. The format of a research seminar is chosen to enable the participating students to take an active role and contribute and engage both in a theoretical and practical way. The students are often asked to take the lead, give short presentations and moderate short discussions. At the same time the course challenges the students to develop proposals and realize working prototypes of their own work.

We will focus on:

Works that need to be explored and reveal themselves by means of interaction.

Works that use and build upon physical space. It is important to mentions that this doesn’t exclude the use of virtual elements.

Works that use sound as part of the interactive dialogue.

We will use literature regarding system theory, interaction in art, spatial media, sound and space. Students are encouraged to contribute their own sources and materials.