Bodily Skills Performance Skills "Faites vos jeux!"

Semester Autumn semester / 1st & 3rd semester

06.11. – 09.11.2018 from 13h00 to 17h00

Progr, Speichergasse 4, 3011 Bern / room 369 and
Kunstmuseum Bern, Hodlerstrasse 8, 3011 Bern @République Géniale

Universität / Haute Ecole
Hochschule der Künste Bern
Teacher Valerian Maly, Dorothea Schürch & guests
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Content description

Faites vos jeux! On playing instructions, marked cards and contemporary games – a gaming laboratory

Etymologically speaking, the word “play” is associated with brisk movement, frolicking and
floating about aimlessly. Playing opens up breathing spaces, which abruptly close again as
soon as play turns into non-play. According to Sybille Krämer, “play” can be found in all of our
In this seminar, selected contemporary performance practices will be examined to discover
their own playing styles and playing practices, and artists will be invited to let us peek at their
cards – because “play” and “performance art” (which can be defined as the “art of action”) have
a lot in common: The basis of both is the unpredictable, the incalculable, the conscious inclusion
of risk and immediacy, what is unrepeatable in the “here and now”.
Along with dramaturgy and narration, contemporary performance art practices and strategies
deliberately incorporate different sets of rules: Failure and amateurism are placed side by side
and on equal footing with success and skill. Unfinished work is accorded the same status as
work that is well or poorly executed: “bien fait – mal fait - pas fait”. Robert Filliou (1926–1987)
propagated the notion of “création permanente”, which guarantees open-ended, experimental
truths that are not set in stone.
Play as a skill!